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Proactive Flight Monitoring

We leverage leading-edge technology to create a consistent monitoring for our clients. This technology uses 650+ data sources, cross referenced by Passenger Name Record (PNR), and builds predictive modeling on the status of individual flights. The system then notifies our team of issues as they begin to appear, so we can proactively contact the traveler to ensure the issues are resolved ahead of time. If you wish, the individual traveler can receive these notifications as well. From delays to Cancelations and Diversions, we are keeping track of your travelers to ensure they are safe and where they need to be.

Bottom Line Impact of Support   

By being available to your travelers, regardless of the hour, we reduce your direct and indirect travel related costs. Proactively identifying an issue, like a misconnecting flight, and rebooking your traveler before they land, reduces countless hours of wasted work time for the traveler waiting for the next available flight.