Greaves Travel (I) PVT LTD

4B Jangpura B Mathura Rd
New Delhi, Other 110 014

Full Service International Travel Management

Greaves Travel Company has operated in the travel industry for over 35 years. During that time, we’ve developed a unique approach to travel and how we support our customers. As a family run business, we have assembled a strong team who are directly accountable to our clients and work year-round to ensure we are providing the level of support that they need. Being a family business also enables us to make strategic investments as we see fit in order to streamline the travel process and create a broader support network for our travelers. Greaves has a history of managing complex travel requirements in both the domestic and international markets. We understand the demands of running a successful business, and that while travel is a necessary part of achieving that success, the stress and difficulties that you and your employees face on the road certainly don't have to be part of it. We hold service and client satisfaction in the highest regard, and each of our Agents are empowered to provide on the spot assistance until a travelers needs are met or exceeded. We've assembled our team with knowledgeable Agents who on average have been with Greaves for 12 years, ensuring that they are prepared to handle virtually any situation. To that end, Greaves is proud to offer its clients a unique coverage and support model that enables us to provide 24x7 service and support to our clients. Greaves owns and operates locations around the globe, and this spread of offices and employees allows us to provide the support that our clients need. Whether you are seeking assistance in the middle of the night because of a last minute flight cancellation, or you have a sudden meeting you have to be at in New York, London or Bangkok, you can feel assured that whoever answers your call is a highly trained and skilled Greaves Agent. We continue to invest in technology, providing proactive support and leverage our network of partners to help you reduce your overall travel spend through quantifiable measurements.

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